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Welcome to the Munich Rolling Rebels!

Monday, 11. January 2016

Let's go!

The Munich Rolling Rebels are starting the new season as fullmember of WFTDA. The team is now allowed to to compete in sanctioned games, attend the WFTDA Annual Meeting and become eligible for rankings. Besides international...[more]

Thursday, 24. December 2015

Hula hoop and Champagne - End of Season Party at Rennsalon

When we arrive at Rennsalon it is quite empty. A few gifts are already on the window ledge. During the next hour, the saloon fills up. We wait and eat pizza, then the presents are distributed. To each his own; some small ones,...[more]

Thursday, 24. December 2015

End of Season at 'Daga Denter' Roller Derby Tournament in Milan!

Before the official winter break starts, the rebels could be part of an athletic highlight: The Milan roller derby team, the Milano Harpies, organised Italy's first international roller derby tournament, the Daga Denter...[more]

Wednesday, 30. September 2015

Rebels feiern den Aufstieg!

Der härteste Gegner wartete am Ende der Bundesliga-Saison: Die Munich Rolling Rebels spielten am vergangen Samstag gegen die Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads und lieferten sich ein packendes Duell um den Aufstieg in die 2. Bundesliga....[more]

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