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This Is Roller Derby!

Roller Derby is a fast, full contact sport with lots of power. Speed, team spirit, and a tough attitude, often reflected in the derby names of the skaters, are characteristic for this sport.

But there is no Roller Derby without the roller girls – tough women who strap on their skates to compete in a spectacular race and are not afraid of bruises. This extraordinary sport first emerged in the USA in the 1920s. Since then, loud music, crazy outfits, and lots of fun are what makes this sport what it is. Recently, Roller Derby has experienced a come-back in Europe, introducing a whole new generation of roller girls and roller boys.

Rules and Teams

During a game, there are five skaters of each team on the track, one jammer and four blockers who make up the pack. Every time the jammer passes the opposing blockers, she scores points for her team. At the same time, the blockers try to keep the opposing jammer from rounding the pack, while helping their own jammer get through.

Since 2004, the WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) has been the governing organization which sets rules and determines guidelines for the sport. There are already more than 100 successful Roller Derby leagues in the USA. In Germany, too, the sport is becoming more and more popular. Not only big cities such as Munich, Hamburg, or Berlin, but also smaller towns like Freiburg or Wuppertal have a team of their own.

Who Can Join a Roller Derby Team?

No matter how experienced or physically fit you are, in Roller Derby, there is a place for everyone. What is important is that you are at least 18 years old and fearless. Minor bruises are part of the game and are usually carried with pride. Team spirit and commitment are another important part of belonging to a Roller Derby team. Men are also welcome to join the Munich Rolling Rebels – as coaches, referees, and helpers.

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